And just in case any non swedish speaking participant at the EuroIA conference should go looking for blog entries tagged with euroia2006 I’ll write this in english.

So I spent the weekend in Berlin at EuroIA 2006. How was it? More participants than I had expected but just as few swedes as I feared. It was fun meeting Linus and Göran though. Interesting sessions but I can’t help feeling like IA might not be the ”correct” label for what I’m thinking of as my (future) profession. There is a lot of talk about websites and how to design them and a lot less talk about information and how to design that. Maybe I’m leaning more towards Content Management? I would have liked to see the slides on CM in Olly Wrights presentation on Strategic IA, to hear how he connected that to IA. Steven Pembertons closing keynote made me realise that I should take a closer look at XForms and how it affects the information structure of a website (and a webpage.)

However it was well worth a weekend in Berlin and I will continue to keep up with the webflavour of IA in the future. After all EuroIA in Barcelona in 2007 sounds tempting.

I will probably spend quite a lot more time trying to figure out Information Architecture and its relations to Enterprise Architecture, IT Architecture, Software Architecture, Interoperability Architecture, Service-Oriented Architecture. I find unclear definitions irritating.